Popular on PANY help

#1 : What’s PANY’s return policy

If you don’t want to get our PANY GS, you can return the vials to us. we will provide the return shipping address

#2 : Do you ship Internationally ?

Yes, of course, we provide worldwide free shipping.

#3 : How long utill I get my delivery

Different countries has different delivery time, normally, it only needs to take : 24 hours – 6 days.

#4 : If PANY GS doesn’t work, can I change or cancel my order ?

Yes, if PANY GS doesn’t work well, PANY customer service will provide the different concentration for you to continue the treatment. For example : If you bought 15mg/ml concentration, after you injected the PANY GS, cats relapsed or became nervous neurotic FIP, we would provide 16mg/ml to continue the treatment.

#5 : How can I track my order ?

After we ship your parcel , you will receive the tracking number from us, we will tell you how and where to track your parcel.

#6 : How to place the order ?

There are two way to place the order :

First, you can contact us via whatsapp & Gmail & messenger & wechat, tell us how many vials and which concentration do you want, we will calculate total amount, and then you send the money to us via Transferwise & Bank Transfer & Paypal & Credit card & Alipay & Wechat Pay

Second, you can place the order on our website, after you checkout the payment, our customer service will contact you, and tell you how to pay for your order.

#7 : How to calculate the Dosage & How many vials do you need to order ?