PANY Tablet Cat Healthcare Supplements {2-100 tablets}





  • Wet and Dry FIP Dosage : 1 tablet/kg/day.
  • Ocular Symptoms FIP Dosage : 2 tablets/kg/day
  • Neurological FIP Dosage : 3 tablets/kg/day
  • PANY  works best on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water after medicine.
  • Total 84 days with Tablets.

The tablet is suitable for:

☞ A timid and introverted cat: Difficulty drawing blood, aggravating the stress caused by injections, extremely resistant to injections, and sensitive to the hospital;

☞ Cats weighing less than 2kg: the cost of injection treatment and tablet treatment is not much different;

☞ Cats with inflamed and ulcerated skin: skin depilation and ulceration, inflamed abscesses, unbearable pain, and no touch;

☞Parents far away from the hospital: the cost of high-speed crossing is high, and the cost of injection is high;

☞Scientific research staff who are busy with work: busy with work and do not have time to take cats to get injections;